• Avatar Karl Pilcher ★★★★★
    Having to have hearing aids gave me cause for concern. Not out of vanity but but because of the cost. We've all been in the situation where we've been sold something that we need but might not be what we actually require. I had done my research and … More contacted Philip Lane directly to discuss my problem and arrange an appointment.
    Rather than jump right in he investigates your general health, checks your ears and the proceeds to a hearing test to identify what your situation is.
    It was great to know what my problem was and that hearing aids could assist in giving me back what I had lost.
    Four days later I took possession of two small discreet behind the ear aids that have changed how I hear the world. Through the internet these can be re-tuned remotely should my hearing change in the future.
    Philip is a professional, not a sales man. Bear in mind, cheap hearing aids are just that, cheap! If you want a quality hearing aid and want exemplary service, after care and support, I highly recommend that you chose Lanes hearing aids Coventry as your first choice. Thank you Philip once again for your assistance.
  • Avatar Doriana Popescu ★★★★★
    Very professional staff, kind and willing to help. Repair while waiting … READ MORE (in my case). Amazing good prices. Give it a try! 👍
  • Avatar Ed Preston ★★★★★